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Feb 2023

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World Bank

The World Bank is supporting the GoT in the development of a greenfield solar PV plant with energy storage. Implementation of the solar PV project with the initial estimated size of 200 MWac is part of the least-cost generation expansion plan set forth in the National Development Strategy 2030 (NDS-2030). Juru was selected as the Technical Consultant to carry out comparative analysis of 3 preselected project sites, perform a bankable Feasibility Study for the solar PV plant and grid interconnection, undertake high-level ESS assessment and oversee the preparatory works for the Project site. Juru will also prepare the technical specifications to be included in the IPP/PPP procurement documents and support the bidding process by providing technical advisory.

Services provided

Task 1. Inception

  • Implementation planning, inception mission to Tajikistan and data collection

Task 2. Screening and support to the site selection

  • Review the considered area of the power system and preparation of potential grid connection arrangements
  • Analysis and ranking of the pre-selected sites, preparation of a comparison matrix

Task 3. FS for 200 MWac solar PV project and grid interconnection

  • Conceptual design of the solar PV plant, identification of necessary preparatory works for the solar PV plant and preliminary CAPEX and OPEX estimation
  • Energy Yield Assessment based on high-resolution multi-year satellite-based TMY data
  • Grid connection studies (load flow studies, N-1 contingency analysis, fault analysis, grid robustness evaluation, steady-state stability analysis)
  • Conceptual design of Electrical Interconnection Facilities (substation’s preliminary layout and single line diagram (SLD), preliminary interconnection TL length and routing, TL conductor type, relay protection functionality description, conceptual solution for telecommunication implementation)
  • Grid connection infrastructure cost estimation and risk assessment for the grid connection
  • High level Energy Storage System (ESS) assessment
  • Support in obtaining of necessary permits (Technical Conditions) for interconnection

Task 4. Additional preparatory contracts, including bidding documents and process

  • Developing the List and Technical Specifications of the preparatory works (site topographic surveys, site geotechnical surveys, fencing and security, site access road(s))
  • Preparatory works procurement documents development and bidding support

Task 5 Supervision of preparatory contracts

  • Engineering Design Review and Review As-Built Documents

Task 6. Support the IPP/PPP bidding process

  • Prepare technical specifications and support technical bid evaluation and negotiation