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Mar 2023

Sep 2023





ADB is providing Knowledge and Support Technical Assistance (TA) to the Government of Kazakhstan by supporting the Kazakhstan Housing Company (KHC) JSC in development of green housing finance. ADB recruited the Consultant to implement the TA, which aims to (i) raise the understanding and provide policy advice on the selection of green technologies appropriate for the housing sector, build capacity on assessing their financial feasibility in housing project design, and transfer knowledge on how to design green housing in an urban planned unit development (PUD); (ii) support KHC to deliver its mandate, through capacity building efforts, to integrate green technologies and help establish more sustainable green construction and green mortgage finance mechanisms; and (iii) support the country in addressing climate mitigation. 

Services provided

Juru’s scope includes supporting the following activities:

  • Plan and design a green housing component for a PUD that integrates green technologies and climate risk management while still affordable to a target low- and medium-income population;
  • Perform feasibility and cost analysis of an energy efficient green housing community project plan, and identify green technologies that can feasibly be incorporated into design of the project’s PUD;
  • Establish standards, criteria and cost-benefit requirements to be utilised to select energy efficient and low-carbon green technologies that can be used in the housing sector;
  • Define “green housing” and “energy efficient” housing certification in the context of the country for use by KHC and in the project taking into consideration factors such as reduction in energy inputs, material and water use reduction, GHG emissions, location selection, and construction techniques; 
  • Assess capacity of the construction sector in green tech, material, techniques, and prepare minimum standards for selection and use of sustainable construction methods, material, practices;
  • Collect information and data in the field of green technology providers and service companies in Kazakhstan and assess the feasibility for use of appropriate technologies in the housing sector;
  • Make recommendations and an action plan for the development of the green technology sector specifically supporting green energy efficient housing;
  • Support development of a credible and independent MRV system for carbon savings realised through use of green technologies in the housing sector; and
  • Organize stakeholder meetings/workshops/training in green technologies for the housing sector.