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May 2023

Jul 2023





The EBRD is considering providing finance to Korzinka, a food retailer operating in Uzbekistan, which is facing increasing pressure due to rising energy costs and is seeking support from the EBRD to reduce both its energy related expenditure but also identify and assess a range of measures that could contribute to improve the company’s performance in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as environmental sustainability.

The EBRD engaged the Consultant to undertake a preliminary and high-level assessment of company energy usage and GHG footprint and review current energy management processes, and advise on how the technical specifications of the new and existing stores could be enhanced to maximise energy efficiency, GHG emissions, climate change adaptation and environmental performance. This should include as a minimum (i) performance of building fabric; (ii) HVAC systems; (iii) refrigeration equipment; and (iv) renewable energy (PV).

The Consultant is also expected to undertake an assessment of resource and CAPEX requirements to implement cost optimal energy efficiency, GHG reduction and other environmental upgrades, and produce an action plan for implementation along with a responsibility assignment matrix.

Services provided

  • Participate and support in energy and resource assessments;
  • Participate in meetings and discussions, particularly informing on local practices;
  • Support in site-visits/walkthrough audits of 4 Korzinka stores;
  • Assess current operations, identify improvement measures (EE and RE);
  • Support in assessment of building envelope, lighting and HVAC performance, and provide relevant recommendations;
  • Support in CAPEX/OPEX estimation.