Project features



Aug 2019

Jan 2022



Central Asia


The Regional Power Sector Master Plan aims to identify and propose technical solutions to the bottlenecks which constrain the electricity flow for cross border trade. The projects identified under the master plan will increase energy security, energy efficiency and trade by optimizing integrated transmission and generation expansion between the four Central Asian republics (CARs) – i.e. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The master plan will study the integrated development of the regional power system and identify long-term solutions to balancing demand and supply, taking into account current assets, demand projections, and trade opportunities. The study will address policy measures to promote security and efficiency. 

Services provided

Juru will collaborate with the consortium partners to produce the following:

  • Demand forecast: analysis of the existing demand, including unmet demand, and support producing updated 20-year country projections for high, low, and base case growth scenarios;
  • Assessment of countries’ EE policies and priorities for 3 scenarios: “business as usual”, “green” “recession” scenarios;
  • Assessment of existing generation and transmission assets; 
  • Assessment of construction and rehabilitation projects for generation and transmission assets planned for individual countries and regionally;
  • Support identification of alternatives including RE options and efficient use of power;
  • Strategic environmental and social assessment, including: 
  • National policies for the obtaining permission to construct industrial facilities 
  • Strategic environmental policies and programs for long period development
  • National requirements for land acquisitions and privatization
  • Support preparation of a regional power sector master plan;
  • Support preparation of an updated 10-year investment plan for justified projects;
  • Assessment of adequacy of existing regional energy trading arrangements and existing barriers for energy trade in the region;
  • Support development of concept for the regional wholesale electricity and power market including recommendations related to creation of potential Regional Market and Technical Operators.