Project features



Aug 2022





Tetra Tech ES, Inc.

Tetra Tech is implementing the USAID-funded regional Power Central Asia (PCA) program. Within this activity, Tetra Tech provides technical assistance and capacity building to the energy sector of all five Central Asian nations. Juru was hired to advise on regulatory and technical issues and implement an RTS demonstration pilot project. 

Services provided

Task 1. Preparation 

  • Review of existing RTS studies and best international practices applicable to Uzbekistan
  • Review of Uzbekistan technical and economic regulation and practice on RTS projects
  • Development of the recommendations list for facilitating RTS project development and widespread implementation
  • Elaboration of criteria for potential project site selection
  • Drafting and finalizing of the Preparation Report

Task 2. Design of the Pilot RTS 

  • Selection of the interested partner and site for the Pilot RTS project implementation
  • Prepare Site Selection Report for technical and high-level economic analysis to compare the short-listed sites and recommend the selection of the most optimal option 
  • Conduct project site visit to collect information on the available area
  • Development of basic engineering design for RTS system at the selected site
  • Support for receiving necessary approvals/permits/agreements
  • Develop Grid Impact Assessment report to obtain REN’s Technical Condition for connection
  • Prepare technical and economic assessment report

Task 3. Technical oversight of Implementation of RTS pilot project

  • Procurement of RTS systems
  • Support for receiving necessary approvals/permits/agreements from relevant state authorities
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning of RTS
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the installed RTS until the end of the pilot project
  • Technical studies on RTS pilot sites 

Task 4. Recommendations and Capacity Building

  • Development of RTS implementation manual for private investors
  • Conducting a workshop on RTS project development
  • Draft and Final Report submission