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Mar 2023

Apr 2023




ASHprojekt GmbH

Client contracted Juru to support selection of site in Kashkadarya region to develop a solar PV plant with ca 400 MWac. Juru’s support included preliminary desktop-based screening and shortlisting of sites in the region, with the final selection of a site being the responsibility of the Client. From a shortlist of 4 site options, the Client selected a land plot located around 5 km away from Talimarjan TPP and requested Juru to perform the solar PV plant’s Pre-Feasibility Study.

Services provided

The Desktop site screening and shortlisting included the following activities:

  • Solar resource and site suitability assessment
  • Analysis of solar potential using available satellite data
  • Identification of areas with the highest potential based on global horizontal irradiation
  • Desktop assessment of site options screening for potential overlaps with protected areas, irrigated farmlands, presence of other industrial facilities, proximity to possible power evacuation infrastructure facilities (OHLs, substations) and transportation networks, etc.
  • Preparation of a shortlist of site options for the Client to make the final selection
  • Pre-Feasibility Study for the selected site option, including:
  • Preparation of a preliminary site layout considering different technology options:
  • Mounting structures: fixed-tilt and single-axis tracker
  • Inverter: string and central
  • PV module: HIT type, conventional c-Si, bifacial and monofacial
  • Energy yield assessment for various technology options
  • Preparation of the preliminary electrical configuration of the PV plant
  • Estimation of the CAPEX and OPEX for various technology options, including BESS
  • Estimation of the LCOE for various technology options, including BESS
  • Preparation of the Energy Yield Assessment Report for the least-cost optimal option including a BESS