Project features



Jun 2021





Juru Energy Consulting LLC

Juru’s own low carbon house innovation project in Tashkent aims to apply modern architectural design, passive house principles using eco-friendly building materials, low carbon HVAC system and power supply option based on solar PV. A two-story house will be built in the land of 600 sqm. Overall scope covers architectural and engineering design, procurement and construction management. Key project features:

  • Total land: 600 sqm; built area: 350 sqm; total house space: 350 sqm
  • HVAC: Heating/cooling based on Air-Source Heat Pump; hot water supply based on solar thermal system; ventilation system based on MVHR
  • Power supply: ca.14 kW grid connected rooftop solar PV with battery storage
  • EV charging facility

Services provided

  • Conduct topographical survey and geotechnical investigation including determination of the ground water levels with further laboratory tests;
  • Assess site suitability from technical perspective including accessibility, utilities (electricity, gas connections), water supply, drainage, internet and telecommunications;
  • Undertake market research to procure energy efficient building materials and equipment;
  • Model building’s energy performance;
  • Prepare Engineering design undertaking compliance with local requirements, as well consistency with international best practices on green building construction including,
  • Resilience to short term abnormal weather conditions in the region;
  • Civil and structural design considering sustainability and green certificates for insulation and other construction materials;
  • Electrical design applying energy management system coupled with 14 kW on-grid rooftop Solar PV and Battery storage;
  • HVAC system with combined use of (i) Air source heat pump for EE heating and cooling, (ii) Solar collector run hot water supply, (iii) Heat recovery ventilation system with air filtration;
  • Interior design ensuring healthy and comfortable indoor environment;
  • Landscape design;
  • Prepare technical specifications;
  • Advice client on available green building certificates;
  • Construction Management.