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Dec 2022

Jul 2023





In August 2021, Masdar won a competitive tender to design, finance, build and operate a 457 MW solar PV project near Sherabad, Surkhandarya. As part of the project development activities, Masdar has requested Juru to provide services for a number of packages including grid impact studies.

Services provided

Task 1. Power Evacuation Study

  • Development of ToR and facilitate its approval by JSC NEGU;
  • Upgrade of the transmission grid model to include planned changes in the grid;
  • Overview analysis of the current grid generation and load state in the concerned power area;
  • Performance of steady-state analysis of the grid before and after SPP connection including load flow, short-circuit calculation, short-circuit ratio analysis, N-1 and N-2 contingency, and voltage performance analysis;
  • Conceptual design of the power evacuation infrastructure (AIS electrical connection scheme, SLD, layout);
  • Support of NEGU in preparation of Technical Conditions for the SPP interconnection to the grid.

Task 2. Static and Dynamic Stability Studies

  • Performance of steady-state (static) and dynamic stability analysis;
  • Definition of principles and location of required ECA. Development of SLD of ECA organization after connection of SPP;

Task 3. Grid Compliance Studies

  • Preparation of the collection system of the SPP;
  • Reactive power capability analysis of the SPP:
  • Low voltage ride through (LVRT) capability and reactive current injection assessment:
  • High voltage ride through (HVRT) capability and reactive current absorption assessment:
  • Low frequency ride through (LFRT) analysis:
  • High frequency ride through (HFRT) analysis;
  • Active power generation capability assessment;
  • Performance of frequency response assessment;
  • Performance of RoCoF withstand capability assessment;
  • Performance of power quality analysis including harmonic investigation study and flicker analysis;