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Jan 2023

Aug 2023




Ferkensco Management Limited

The Client is implementing investment project in Uzbekistan for construction and operation of plant for producing of ammonia and urea. Allocated land for Project is based in Karakul district, Bukhara region. Project’s planned capacity is of 1,500 t/d and urea plant with a capacity of 1,800 t/d with the required utilities and offsite and infrastructure facilities. Juru was hired to support development of the full ESIA package.

Services provided

Task 1: Scoping report

  • Scoping site visit 
  • Preparation of the baseline chapters of the Scoping Report

Task 2: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

  • Baseline report of technical studies, including: 
  • Continuous Air quality (CO, SOx, NOx, PM10) and Noise during 72 hours at 3 locations
  • Chemical lab analysis for soil and surface water quality 
  • Spring terrestrial walkover survey
  • Site observations for archaeological and cultural heritage objects
  • Socio economic surveys of 250 households
  • Stakeholder consultations in framework of SEP
  • Regulatory review
  • Organization of public consultations and disclosure meetings