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Sep 2022

Aug 2024




North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

ACWA Power signed an investment agreement with the MoE to design, finance, build and operate 2x500 MW wind farms - Bash WPP and Dzhankeldy WPP. The Client hired Juru to do the following scope of work:

  • 2x500 MW Bash & Dzhankeldy wind farms: Comprehensive Engineering Review and permitting support 
  • 2x500 kV AIS Substation detail design
  • 2x 500 kV OHTL detail design - ca. [162.5] km OHL between Karakul 500 kV S/S and Bash WPP and ca. [128.5] km OHTL between Bash WPP and Dzhankeldy WPP
  • Power system studies for the integration of Bash & Dzhankeldy wind farms

Services provided

500 MW Wind Farm: Comprehensive Engineering Review and Permitting Support

  • Detailed review of the Basic and Detailed Design (DD) documentation prepared by the Client for compliance with local standards and codes
  • Support DD review and facilitate the approval process by the Ministry of Construction (MoC)
  • Support the Client in the content and interface management for the design documentation development
  • Comprehensive engineering design review of wind farm substation and wind farm area
  • Conduct fire hazardous area categorization study and preparation of project plot plan
  • Perform relay setting calculation & protection coordination study for Wind Farm
  • Comprehensive permitting support to obtain construction permit prior to construction activities

2x500 kV AIS Substation Detail Design

  • Basic engineering design, BoQ and costing:
    • Develop design criteria for each discipline
    • Develop telecommunication structural diagram, automatic metering infrastructure, network topology
    • Perform short circuit, load flow, HV/LV equipment, DC&UPS and ACSR & cable sizing calculations
    • Prepare technical specifications & datasheets for HV/LV equipment, DC&UPS relay protection, SCADA, telecommunication, AMI, CCTV devices and etc.
    • Develop control building layout, HVAC, civil & architectural conceptual design
  • Procurement support including technical evaluation of offers received, clarifications and negotiation support
  • Detailed Design and final BoQ including: 
    • Substation primary electrical engineering, equipment installation detailed drawings
    • General layout, civil & architectural engineering, water supply and sewage, HVAC
    • Communication structure of dispatch telephone communication and interconnection with neighbouring substations through HF (PLCC) communication and OPWG communication based on IP/IMPLS
    • CCTV equipment and network
    • Develop start-up and normal scheme for commissioning, perform relay settings & protection coordination study
  • Firefighting and fire alarm system basic and detail design

2x 500 kV OHTL Detail Design of ca. [162.5] km and ca. [128.5] km each 

  • Calculate mechanical and sag tension of power transmission line, towers and foundations selection using Lira SAPR LEP Software
  • Prepare detailed drawings, clearance verification, BoQ and specification

Power system studies

  • Grid impact study
  • Static and Dynamic Stability Study and Emergency Control Automation (ECA) design
  • Switching transient (EMTP) studies
  • Insulation coordination study
  • Arc-flash studies for each whole wind farm
  • Sub-resonance analysis 
  • Relay setting calculation and protection coordination study