Project features



Jun 2022





EDF (France), Nebras Power (Qatar), Sojitz Corporation (Japan), and Kyuden International (Japan)

Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan competitively selected consortium of EDF, Sojitz, Nebras Power, and Kyuden to develop, finance, build and operate for 25 years the 1,600 MW Syrdarya II CCGT Project including its associated facilities such as water corridor, gas pipeline and access road. Moreover, it planned that Project will reroute the existing 500 kV OHTL to connect it to a new 500 kV AIS, which is under construction at the moment. 

Overall 55 ha of agricultural land were allocated for the construction of CCGT plant. Allocated land plot is located next to ACWA Power Syrdarya 1,500 MW CCGT plant, which is currently under construction. There are Yuzhno-Golodnostepsky canal located 500 meters away and 3,000 MW existing Syrdarya TPP. 

Under this assignment, the Advisor’s task is to facilitate obtaining necessary permits and licenses on behalf of the Owners.

Services provided

  • Collecting relevant information and documents related land use including but not limited to following items:
  • Current information on the land – cadastre documents of the land users;
  • Information on the seizure/land return procedure, if this has already taken place;
  • Land allocation procedure for the Project purposes;
  • Information on the objects crossing the land –conclusions of the (i) local water management and agricultural authorities and (ii) balance-holder of the OHTL about the solution of the issue concerning the relocation of the existing irrigation system and transmission lines;
  • Information on the perennial plantings.
  • Obtain necessary permits, licenses, decrees, and resolutions to be obtained under the responsibility of the Project Company 
  • Support the EPC Contractor in obtaining the necessary permits, licenses, decrees, and resolutions, to be obtained under the responsibility of the Project Company
  • Obtain or support EPC Contractor in obtaining necessary permits, licenses, decrees, and resolutions, which may be additionally required from time to time in order to start the construction of the Project