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Jan 2023

May 2023




ACWA Power

ACWA Power has signed an agreement with GoU to construct, finance and operate Karakalpakstan 1.5 GW wind farm. Project area is located in a remote region on the western border of Karakalpakstan on the Ustyurt Plateau. The size of the selected polygon is 95,604 ha. The Project site is extremely remote with harsh weather conditions; with complete lack of infrastructure in the vicinity of the Project site. The Consultant was hired to undertake bird & bat monitoring during the winter season as well as photo trapping survey for the winter season.

Services provided

  • Preparation of Bird Monitoring Work Plan
  • Preparation of Health and Safety Plan
  • Setting up a Base camp on Ustyurt Plateau and providing a complex logistical solution for the Base camp supply and deployment of 6 vehicles for the survey work
  • Winter bird monitoring at 45 Vantage Points during 36 hours per season per VP following the Scottish Natural Heritage: Recommended bird survey methods to inform impact assessment of onshore windfarms (March 2017, v2.) (SNH 2017)
  • Procurement of equipment for the bird and bat survey and phototrapping
  • Installation of 50 photo traps for the period of 2 months